Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program (ASP) has been developed at Washington County Christian School to ensure the success of ALL students in Grades K-8. Students participating will receive individualized assistance from an ASP instructor on a weekly basis. Determination for placement in ASP will be made prior to the beginning of each academic school year. Students who meet any part of the listed criteria below will be required to participate. An additional fee will be required (see School Fees).

Basis for determination is the student’s standardized test score and/or final report card from the prior academic school year in the subjects of Reading, Mathematics, and/or Language.  Transfer students’ determinations will be based upon standardized test results and/or entrance exam results as approved by administration.  Students on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be placed in the program unless determination is made to discontinue the IEP. 

Criteria for placement (per subject):

  • 1. WCCS Report Card Grades 69% or below
  • 2. Standardized test scores in Stanine 3 or below (NP=22 or less)
  • 3. Entrance Exam test scores in Stanine 3 or below (NP=22 or less). For standardized tests which do not utilize NP or Stanine scoring methods, administration will determine participation in ASP on a case by case basis.