Extended Care Services

Extended Care for Non-Enrolled Students


Morning Care (6:30-7:30) – $15.00 Weekly
Afternoon Care (2:30-5:30) – $40.00 Weekly
Holiday Care (6:30-5:30) – $15.00 Daily

*NOTE: There is no daily rate provided for Extended Care services. A student who attends 1-4 days within a week will be responsible for the entire weekly rate. Extended Care payments are due weekly on the Monday prior to the services rendered unless other arrangements have been procured with the administration. A surcharge of $6 (per child/per 15 minutes) will be applied if a child is not picked up by 5:30pm.

Bus Transportation

It is your responsibility to contact the WCSB and procure arrangements for bus transportation to and from public school. For the safety of your child, please notify the school when he/she will not be attending. School personnel will contact the parent of any registered student not unloaded from the bus.

Parental and Student Expectations

Parents interested in Extended Care services must complete a pick-up card on the day of enrollment. Identification (driver’s license) may be required of the person picking up the child. If the adult receiving the child is not listed on the pick-up form, the child will NOT be released.

Parents taking advantage of the Extended Care services for elementary children are reminded that this service is available on regular school days only, not during school holidays. Holiday Care dates are provided for Kindergarten parents needing care due to job requirements. Spacing is limited for these dates; therefore signing up with office personnel is required.

Washington County Christian School expects full cooperation from both the student and parent. A student who shows repeated behavioral problems or who is continually picked up late will not be permitted to remain in the WCCS extended care program.

Attendance at Washington County Christian School is a privilege and not a right. Students forfeit this privilege if they do not conform to the standards and ideals of work and life at Washington County Christian School.

Sandals with straps around the ankle may be worn but NO flip-flops / crocs or slip-ons are permitted. All shirts must have sleeves and cover the child’s waist. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be knee length.

A copy of the student handbook will be provided for you upon registration. Please read and abide accordingly.