WCCS T.E.A.M. says Welcome!

WCCS Team welcomes to our school new and old faculty, staff, families and students!

Who Are We??

We are a group of parents interested in volunteering our time and efforts to make a difference in our children’s school experience. We work in conjunction with and under the authority of the

Teachers, Administration and the Education curriculum.

T.E.A.M. stands for…

T – Teachers

E – Education

A – Administration

M – Moms and Dads

Created in the 2005/2006 school year, we are a new group which has organized and/or helped with:

BoxTops for Education | Pizza Hut Book-It and Book-It Beginners programs

WCCS Newsletters | Special fundraisers for special school projects

Teacher Appreciation Week | WCCS Parent Directory and Family Mentor Program

Volunteers to man special school projects such as Book Fairs, Fall Festival, Spring Fling, etc.

There is so much we can do with great parent ideas and parent involvement!

Want to get involved or know more?

We meet every “Third Thursday” at the school at 9:00 am in the Library.

Better yet – Sign Up!

We always have need of volunteers who would be willing to help out with the following programs:

Fall Fundraisers, Library Volunteers, Book It/Book It Beginners Reading Programs, Box Tops Program, Digital Dads, Fall Book Fair, Fall Festival Game Booths & Set Up, WCCS Newsletters

Check out the T.E.A.M. “Job Descriptions”!

Not Sure? Send an email to be placed on the “Call Me” list, and we will offer opportunities to you as they become available! No obligations!

Book-It Program: This is a free program run by Pizza Hut. Simply put, the students reach a monthly reading goal set by their teachers, and they will receive a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Student participation is optional. The program runs from October-March and requires about 2 hours of volunteer time per month over that 6 month period. Most of the work can be done at your home counting minutes and filling out pizza certificates. In-school time is only required for photocopying the blank monthly calendars and putting them into the teacher’s boxes.

Book-It Beginners: Similar to the Book-It program, but for K3 & K4 students. Their teachers and parents read to them for goal achievement. The program only runs in March and April. It requires photocopying and distributing some information at the beginning of the program, and then filling out and distributing the certificates in March and April. Volunteer time is approximately 2 hours each month over the 2 month period.

Box Tops: BoxTops for education is a program run by Betty Crocker. You may have seen the BoxTops for Education “coupon” on Betty Crocker products. Each one represents 10 cents to our school when they are redeemed through the school and Betty Crocker. The amount of time for clipping, counting and sorting boxtops varies depending on how many boxtops are turned in. This could be done at school or at home.

Digital Dads: We are seeking Dads (or Moms) who are digitally savvy to record the Christmas Program, K5 Graduation and 1st-8th Awards Night Programs on DVD Video and to burn copies for our library. Also, if anyone has website design knowledge, perhaps information could be examined for the possible creation of a school website.

Library Volunteers: We are trying to keep our School Library organized! Without a school librarian, your weekly assistance in maintaining the check in-out process is vital.  Keeping all the books pulled to the front of the shelf and in alphabetical order in full-time.

Fall Fundraisers: Our school’s annual fundraiser opportunity will run during the month of August.  We need volunteers to help count orders! This volunteer time will only be at the school.

Fall Book Fair: Scholastic Book Fairs help raise money for our school. The book sales last for 5 days and requires 5 volunteers (1 for each day) to ring up the sales! Book Sales are from 9:00am to 10:30am and 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Fall Festival: Our school’s annual festival that lets families come and have a fun, family oriented day playing games, winning prizes, eating food and participating in activities. We need LOTS of parents to volunteer time to run games booths for 1/2 hour intervals

WCCS T.E.A.M. Newsletter: Got a gift of writing and lots of creativity that needs an outlet? Consider working on the Newsletter! The newsletter is turned into the office on Wednesday for review, editing, copying and distribution by the end of the day on Thursday. Newsletters go out every Friday.