Enrollment Process

Check List for Enrolling New Students

The following check-list will help your enrollment run smoothly. Please read all materials carefully. All documents must be accompanied by the registration fee & enrollment deposit. Checks should be made payable to: Washington County Christian School or WCCS. To request an application packet please call us at 850-638-9227 or email us.. Complete the following forms and submit to the School Office before June 1.

  • Enrollment Card – (white card) Grades K-12.
  • – Be sure to fill out this card completely (front and back)
  • – Include your signature on the back.
  • Statement of Cooperation Card (blue card) – Must be notarized and turned in at time of registration. In the left hand column, list children who are enrolling. Both parents need to read and sign card, unless one parent is the sole guardian, in which case the card needs to be signed on the bottom line.
  • Health Records – Florida law requires that all students have the following:
  • – Florida certificate of immunization (may be obtained from local health department)
  • – Physical form showing the child has had a physical examination (dated less than one year prior to entering a Florida school).
  • – Copy of birth certificate (original from Office of Vital Statistics)
  • Request for School Records (Grades 1-12) – The transfer card must be filled out front and back, showing student’s last grade attended at previous school. The tracking card should indicate grade to attend at WCCS.
  • Authorization for Medical Treatment Card (yellow) – Must be filled out completely and notarized by a Notary Public. The purpose of this authorization is for life threatening emergencies when no contact can be reached.
  • Authorization for Administration of First Aid (green) – Complete front side of card and indicate all types of aid/medication to be used. Indicate any allergies or Medical Alerts.
  • Financial Agreement – (gray) The following items must be completed:
  • – All amounts under the fees section that are applicable to the student’s grade.
  • – Terms and conditions section has been read and initialed.
  • – Both parents or sole guardian have signed and dated the agreement.
  • – The back has been notarized by a Notary Public.
  • – Administration has reviewed the agreement, signed, and sealed.
  • Pick Up Card – (¼ white card) List all persons allowed to sign out the student from school (including parents)
  • Extended School Card – (¼ pink card) Extended School Cards are available in the school office. ES is available after school for K3 – grade 6 until 5:30 pm daily. Early morning ES is also available 6:30-7:30am daily. Please fill out the card completely with two emergency contacts other than parents. Be sure to include cell and work phones.
  • School Uniform Requirements – (Grades 1-12) – Both student and parents need to review carefully the dress code requirements for daily school attire. This red sheet is for your reference.
  • Standards of Conduct Form (Grades 6-12) – Both student and parents need to sign the attached slip to be turned in for enrollment. The green sheet is for your reference.
  • Music Enrollment Forms are available in the school office for those interested in signing up for music lessons. There are a limited number of openings for piano lessons grades 3-12. Lessons will be given based on availability, grade level and class schedules.
  • Grades 3-12 upon registering, schedule an entrance test date.

NOTE: Class size is limited and a place cannot be held for any child without receipt of the above listed documents and payment of the enrollment deposit.